Norfolk Steam Loco - restoring to service an iconic steam locomotive to run in Norfolk

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Norfolk Heritage Steam Railway Ltd. is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and a registered charity. Company number: 6788497. Charity number: 1129572. Registered office: 21a Gawdy Close, Harleston, Norfolk IP20 9ET.




Norfolk Hunslet Supporters' Club


Do you have fond memories of steam railways? Have you ever wanted to get up close and personal with a 48-ton steam locomotive? Or perhaps you’d just like a little piece of Britain’s great technological history to live again, so a new generation can experience the same thrill you did?
This could be your chance. We have the engine. We have the expertise (or we know where to find it). But we need money to bring the dream to life, we need your ideas, we need your support, and above all we need willing hands ...
... we need YOU!

We have four levels of membership ...
Junior Member, for those of school age
Cost: £15 for one year's membership
You will get: our regular Newsletter (see Note 1) about the locomotive and its progress through restoration, a Footplate Pass (Note 2) entitling you and one accompanying adult to visit the footplate once the locomotive returns to traffic, and a set of three illustrated leaflets about Hunslet 3193 - how it was built, how it works, and what it did during its long working life.
Friend of Hunslet 3193
Cost: £30 for one year's membership
You will get: our regular Newsletter (Note 1) about the locomotive and its progress through restoration, occasional “Members’ Special” trains (Note 3) once the loco is back in traffic, and the opportunity to visit our Yaxham base to see the restoration in progress, examine the loco and talk to those carrying out the work.
Full Member
Cost: £10 a month by Standing Order. Membership continues for as long as the Standing Order is effective.
You will get: all "Friend" privileges, PLUS a Footplate Pass (Note 2) entitling you to visit the footplate once the locomotive returns to traffic, AND the opportunity to work on the loco (Note 5) while it is being restored.
Cost: you tell us how much you want to give in a single payment to buy a specific item of equipment or to sponsor the ongoing maintenance of a particular part of the loco (minimum £250). Membership is for three years with nothing further to pay.
You will get: all "Full Member" privileges, PLUS a detailed explanation of how your money has been spent. For example, £250 would buy a brass locomotive nameplate, £500 a small casting such as the safety-valve extensions that are currently missing from the loco, while £2,500 would pay for a major item of equipment - for instance, we are currently researching and sourcing one or more mechanical lubricators to ensure a reliable supply of oil to axle-boxes etc. We can’t offer to put your name on your particular part of the loco, but you’re welcome to come and stroke it from time to time!

On joining for the first time, all members regardless of their level of membership receive a Certificate of Membership and a specially commissioned lapel badge featuring a head-on view of the locomotive.
(1) The Newsletter: at present we send the newsletter out twice a year. As restoration progresses and there is more to report, we hope to increase this to three or even four times a year. Due to the recent large increases in the cost of postage, the newsletter is distributed by email as far as possible.
(2) Footplate Passes: these may be used once a year, and obviously will only apply once the loco returns to regular traffic. The loco will be in steam but stationary, and a member of NHSR footplate crew must be present. Junior Members must be accompanied by an adult, but otherwise a Footplate Pass does NOT entitle you to bring a guest.
(3) Members' Specials: once the loco is back in traffic these trains will be advertised well in advance in the Newsletter.
(4) Loco Inspection Visits: these can be on any Saturday. This is the ONLY opportunity to visit the loco while it is being restored, because Yaxham Yard is private property and does not belong to us. The loco will not be in steam. This is an excellent opportunity to get up close and personal with a fairly large steam locomotive, but be warned - wear old clothes because a locomotive yard is a dirty place! You may bring up to two guests. You MUST contact us beforehand, though, to make sure that we are working that day and that no procedures are planned, such as lifting major components of the loco, that might make your presence hazardous. NOTE: as of April 2018 the loco is no longer at Yaxham, but at Bressingham Steam Museum. As it is on public display in the "Continental Shed" both members and non-members may view it on any day in the season. However, if any member would like a guided tour of the loco and other adjacent exhibits, please contact the Secretary at
(5) Working on the loco: there are some jobs that require engineering knowledge and others that require no experience at all, so there is room for anyone with "Full Member" or "Sponsor" status to lend a hand in this great project. Although we are fully insured your participation MUST be by prior arrangement - for obvious reasons you can't just turn up unannounced! You will need to provide your own safety boots and work gloves.
(6) From March 2012, members of the Supporters' Club are entitled to elect two of their number to represent them as Directors on the Board of Norfolk Heritage Steam Railway Ltd.


For a leaflet and application form, telephone 01379 854124
or email
or click here to download an application form to print out


Alternatively, if don't want to join up or receive our mailings but would still like to help, you could send us a donation by clicking the button below. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can use your credit card in the usual way.