Norfolk Steam Loco - restoring to service an iconic steam locomotive to run in Norfolk

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Norfolk Heritage Steam Railway Ltd. is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and a registered charity. Company number: 6788497. Charity number: 1129572. Registered office: 21a Gawdy Close, Harleston, Norfolk IP20 9ET.



Photo courtesy of the P H Groom Collection

The Mid-Norfolk Railway, which hopes eventually to become one of the longest preserved lines in the country.
• An excellent and comprehensive article from the Industrial Railway Record on the J94 and the 18inch Hunslet from which it was developed.
• During the 1960s some Austerity tanks, including ours, were taken back to the Hunslet works in Leeds and rebuilt, incorporating certain modifications according to the ideas of an Argentinian engineer, L.D.Porta. In the process, a loco that wasn't particularly pretty to start with, actually became even more ugly! This fascinating article is fairly technical but very well illustrated and quite readable. There are some remarkably intimate photos of the loco's innards!
Explain that stuff, a basic but quite useful explanation of steam power.
UK & Ireland Heritage Railways, a useful portal to all things steam.
Eagle's list of railway links.
Save our railways, a massive portal for all sorts of railway links.
UK Loco Links, an extensive listing of websites about preserved railways and preserved locomotives.
TractionAds, a fascinating portal for firms supplying all kinds of railway equipment and services.
RailServe, the biggest international portal of railway links we've ever seen. Never mind "hours of fun", it could take weeks to explore all this site has to offer!
The Austerity Loco Owners' Association, a loose association of railways and individuals who own and run Austerity and J94 locomotives.

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