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Norfolk Heritage Steam Railway Ltd. is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and a registered charity. Company number: 6788497. Charity number: 1129572. Registered office: 21a Gawdy Close, Harleston, Norfolk IP20 9ET.


"... one of the classic designs in locomotive history ..." - Industrial Railway Record


Most of this information is taken from "Continent, Coalfield and Conservation - the biographical history of the British Army Austerity 0-6-0 saddle tank" by A.C.Lambert and J.C.Woods (Industrial Railway Society 1991)

• 13th November 1944 ... delivered to Barby, near Rugby
• 8th February 1945 ... to Lockerley, Wiltshire, a base used by the US Army
• February 1945 ... to Longmoor Military Railway, Hampshire
• 1946 ... at Lockerley, Wiltshire
• May 1947 ... at Hilsea, Hampshire
• July 1947 ... at Ashchurch, Gloucestershire
• 29th September 1951 ... at Fratton MPD
• September 1952 ... at Cairnryan Military Railway nr.Stranraer
• November 1953 ... from store at Cairnryan Military Railway to Boughton, Nottinghamshire
• June 1958 ... in store at Bicester, Oxfordshire
• 19th March 1960 ... to Bramley, Hampshire
• September 1961 ... in store at Bramley
• March 1962 ... sold to NCB
• October 1962 ... to Hunslet's in Leeds, where she was rebuilt by 1964 with underfeed stoker and other modifications as HE3887 (see here)
• March 1964 ... to Smithywood Coking Plant, Chapeltown, Leeds as SWCP 1
• June 1968 ... back at Hunslet's for repair
• December 1970 ... to Allerton Workshops, Castleford, Yorkshire for light overhaul
• July 1973 ... working with underfeed stoker removed at Smithywood Colliery
• February 1977 ... knocked on her side and damaged by runaway coke train
• November 1977 ... out of use
• March/May 1978 ... purchased by P.Wainwright of Nottingham, moved to Main Line Steam Trust, Loughborough
• 12th March 1979 ... moved to Midland Railway Trust, Butterley
• August 1979 ... under repair at Midland Railway Trust, Ripley
• March 1980 ... still under repair
• 21st April 1984 ... working passenger trains at Midland Railway Trust
• 1989 ... still at Midland Railway Trust
• 1990 ... acquired by D.Milham and moved to Isfield, East Sussex
• 1991 ... taken over by the Lavender Line preservation society, Isfield, requiring major repair
• 1995 ... returned to traffic and used to haul passenger trains on the Lavender Line

• 2003 ... out of use requiring boiler/firebox repairs
• April 2009 ... bought by Norfolk Heritage Steam Railway Ltd., requiring major reconstruction
• May 2009 ... moved to a private yard near the Mid-Norfolk Railway.
• November 2017 ... transferred to Bressingham Steam Museum, Norfolk.
• November 2018 ... test-ran under its own steam for the first time.
• April 2019 ... underwent its final boiler inspection and passed fit to run in public.
• June 2019 ... moved to the Nene Valley Railway for revenue-earning service.
• August 2020 ... completed contract at Nene Valley Rly and returned to Bressingham base for routine maintenance.

Up until 1962 all the locations mentioned are military bases or installations, with the exception of Fratton Motive Power Depot which was a BR Southern Region shed. We have no idea what 3193 was doing there.
3193 is certainly a well-travelled loco, though some of her sisters travelled even further, ending their lives in France, Belgium or Holland. It might be thought from this list that she has needed an awful lot of repairs, but one has to remember that she is 70 years old, and that the list is based on whatever paperwork has survived. Repairs probably generate more paperwork than normal everyday working!