Norfolk Steam Loco - restoring to service an iconic steam locomotive to run in Norfolk

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Norfolk Heritage Steam Railway Ltd. is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and a registered charity. Company number: 6788497. Charity number: 1129572. Registered office: 21a Gawdy Close, Harleston, Norfolk IP20 9ET.



Hunslet 3193 on arrival in Norfolk. The boiler's coming later
- under its own steam, presumably? (Photo Chris Sayer)



Site conference: "What the hell do we do next?" (Photo Chris Sayer)


The condition of the saddle tank is really quite impressive ... (Photo Chris Sayer)


... pity the same can't be said of the bunker! (Photo Chris Sayer)


Spurious, but nice. Too nice to get rid of, perhaps ... (Photo Chris Sayer)


Loading more bits of the jigsaw in Sunny Sussex (not)


... and unloading them in Norfolk




At last the boiler has arrived from its holiday in Yorkshire






Painting in progress


Using the crane to lift the tank off the chassis for repair


Lowering the new coal bunker into place


Painting in progress - the saddle tank after the second coat
of primer. The lovely BR crest is no more, sadly.



Inside the RHS cylinder, where we think
we found the remains of a mouse's nest



Fighting the cylinder head nuts - more than 50 of them!


The "works" - piston rods either side, valve rods in the middle


New pins in the suspension


Putting the springs back on


Hornguides and a new axlebox oil cover


A symphony in red!


One of the two makers' plates


Swanky new oiling system should make the engine crew's lives easier


All the firebox stays in at last


Inside the boiler, looking back at the crown stays.
The floating stays weren't in at this stage, and proved to be a real pig!



Boiler tubes in, seen from inside the firebox which is on its side


Making sure the new ashpan is going to fit on the firebox


The steam test - at least the safety valves work!


Easy does it!


It's on! - and how proud are we?


Looking a bit more like a loco now ...


... and just a few weeks later ...


... and a few weeks after that ...


How 3193 looked when she was new - a maker's photograph


... and how she looked when working for the NCB. Pretty grim!


... and how she looks now, being shunted at Bressingham Steam Museum


... running for the first time ...


... ready for work on the Nene Valley Railway ...


... waiting for passengers at Wansford Station ...


... strutting her stuff on the N&LR ...


... Fireman Bill goes mountaineering ...